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Who We Are

Eurasian Cancer Foundation

The Eurasian Cancer Foundation is an independent, non - government organization established by a group of people committed to one challenging goal - to bring the fight against cancer to a new level and fundamentally change the current state of affairs in the field of oncology on the Eurasian continent.

As of today the Eurasian Cancer Foundation brings together health care professionals, patients and families, artists, businessmen, politicians, journalists and just ordinary but passionate people who share the same values and who are willing to change the attitudes and beliefs the general public have towards cancer.

At EACF we believe that only combined efforts and collaboration ensure the delivery of best results and it is high time to team up with cancer centers and organizations to create an environment where together we could promote exchange of knowledge and good practice, foster innovative research techniques in cancer treatment and provide enhanced training in oncology and allied disciplines.

The success of this initiative depends on the participation of each and every member of society!

The idea to establish the foundation belongs to Somasundaram Subramanian, MD, a renowned cancer specialist with 20 years’ experience in surgical oncology in Russia and abroad. A cancer survivor himself Dr. Soma couldn’t stay aside from the challenges posed by the current state in cancer care system - rapidly rising cancer incidence, poor access to healthcare for general population, prevalence of low qualified doctors, inefficiency of methods for early detection, late cancer diagnosis, low awareness of cancer symptoms – to name just a few.

Against this landscape Eurasian Anticancer Foundation came into being.

Dr. Soma is a leader and promoter of the Eurasian Federation of Oncology (EAFO), that has been conducting numerous scientific, educational and social events in the field of oncology and cancer fighting.

For the last five years alone, thanks to Dr. Soma’s efforts, more than 90 projects have been conducted in 7 countries, namely Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Hungary, China and India.

Eurasian Cancer Foundation


Russian doctors to enhance fight against cancer

The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

Eurasian Cancer Foundation Presentation

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Eurasian Cancer foundation to start work in Russia


Our goals

What do we strive to achieve?

Our understanding of an integrative approach is based on the work of any system in which each and every component contributes to the functioning of a system as a whole. We believe that only continuous interaction of all concerned parties – cancer patients and their families, as well as health care professionals - oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, chemo and immunotherapy specialists - is a key to success in proper and timely diagnosis and effective treatment for each patient.
An integrative approach to cancer treatment combines conventional surgery, chemotherapy and radiation methods that attack the disease itself with the novel opportunities offered by complementary therapeutic approaches.
In particular, we pay close attention to psychological and emotional aspects of coping with cancer and support patients’ strength and quality of life through complementary therapies such as art-therapy classes, yoga and meditative practices, strong physical and psychological support.
Cooperation with medical professionals both from Europe and Asia allows us to use western best practices and introduce latest achievements of oriental medicine in cancer treatment.
Nowadays, major mainstream cancer treatment centers of the world are increasingly launching integrative programs of their own.
We are fully aware that our goal – to bring the fight against cancer to a new level, cannot be achieved without support and active participation of young specialists who share our values and who are willing to make a difference.
We are ready to provide facilities for research and professional medical practice to promising specialists, who are willing to continue their professional development, relentlessly explore and actively try new methods and latest advances in oncology as well as introduce their own approaches to cancer treatment and prevention.
We are committed to providing young specialists with financial support and resources for professional learning and development so that they can further their education in the best medical institutions in Russia and abroad.
When we claim that cancer prevention is one of our main objectives we support our words with actions. From the very beginning EACF has been running cancer awareness campaigns with focus on early cancer detection. And our actions have already yielded results!
For instance, during cancer awareness campaign that has recently taken place in Moscow region, 5% of the participants have been diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, their cancer has been detected at an early and highly treatable stage so they can confidently expect to be cured.
The next "Early Detection Days" campaign is planned for April 2016.
Through the partnership with different health care centers across the country EACF aims to launch cancer awareness initiatives that highlight the importance of early cancer detection on a regular basis.
It is a commonsense assumtion that early cancer detection combined with proper diagnosis and timely and appropriate treatment greatly increases the chances for full recovery. Unfortunately, in majority of cases, the disease is diagnosed when it has already reached an advanced stage making it less treatable, reducing a patient's chances of survival. A delay in diagnosis and cancer detection can occur for several reasons, such as:
- Misdiagnosis and as a result mistreatment
- Late presentation for medical care due to low awareness of cancer signs and symptoms
The main purpose of each campaign is to raise the level of awareness of early cancer symptoms. EACF plans to raise cancer awareness in the following ways:
- Actively involve medical industry professionals and non-oncology specialists in helping to raise general public awareness on cancer symptoms through seminars, lectures and educational programs;
- Reach general public through cancer awareness campaigns with the aim to increase awareness of key cancer symptoms and to encourage help-seeking.

Our Mission

The highest survival rate and improved quality of life for cancer patients

Our projects

Current projects in collaboration with EACF

Cancer prevention and early detection

EACF takes every chance to stress the importance of early diagnosis and participates in different initiatives that focus on early cancer detection.

One of such initiatives has recently taken place in Moscow region. Out of 99 participants 5 have been diagnosed with early stage cancer.

Raising awareness

From the beginning of 2015, EACF has been undertaking a wide range of campaigns and events aimed to inform the community about cancer prevention and treatment methods.

EACF conducts seminars for oncologist and non-oncologist physicians, journalists, cancer patients; publishes informational guidelines and journals on innovations in oncology.

Training of oncologists and other medical professionals

EACF in collaboration with EAFO has launched more than 90 educational and scientific events with participation of more than 300 world renowned medical experts.

EACF recognizes the importance of good qualification and offers training and educational opportunities for talented and motivated medical specialists in leading centers and institutions of the world.

Research projects

Our international team of researchers has an unparalleled depth of knowledge and vast experience in carrying out population studies, fundamental, translational and clinical research.

Founding members

EACF initiators

Elena Kargapoltseva
Founding member

Health Care Executive Manager with international experience in private healthcare

Social Initiatives Director for EAFO

Somasundaram Subramanian
Founding member

Russian surgical oncologist
Founder and Director of EAFO – Eurasian Federation of Oncology

Cancer survivor

Alena Kuzmenko
Founding member

Social Initiatives Coordinator for EAFO

Daughter of a cancer patient

Our supporters

Cancer is a worldwide problem and all the countries regardless of their political positions should focus their efforts on finding the solution. Every person should contribute to the fight against this devastating disease. Information Technologies could play a significant role in this struggle.

John Doe

Natalya Kasperskaya

If we exercise due care and responsibility in fulfilling the objectives set by EACF initiators and if take actions in order to streamline procedures for early detection of cancer, the overall cancer mortality rates in Russia will show considerable decline.

Hannah Brown

Anatoly Karpov

The healing powers of art are infinite. Each artist should generously share his positive energy with those who need it, provide assistance and support in every possible way.
And the most important thing – to spread the word about the problem!

Jane Doe

Lev Leshchenko

The word is Spreading and this is just the beginning

Natalya Kasperskaya speaks about EACF work

Anatoly Karpov speaks about support of EACF's initiatives

Lev Leshchenko at the EACF press-conference

Events in collaboration with EACF

3 February, 2016


The Eurasian Cancer Foundation announced the beginning of its activities on the eve of the World’s Cancer Day. The EACF representatives held their first press-conference and a roundtable in the Presidential Hall of the International News Agency “Russia Today”

7 February, 2016

IV Eurasian Oncology Seminar for Non-Oncologists

The 4th Eurasian Oncology Seminar for Non-Oncologists took place in Cheboksary on February the 7th 2016. Dr. Somasundaram Subramanian - Director of EAFO and Educational & Research Center “Eurasian Oncology Program”, alongside with national and regional medical professionals presented reports on cancer prevention and early detection.

3-5 March, 2016

IV Eurasian Hematology Forum

IV Eurasian Hematology Forum took place in St.Petersburg.
The mission of the Forum was to provide communication, education and interaction for the large variety of specialists involved in diagnostics and treatment of hematological malignancies.

April 2016

Cancer Early Detection Days

EACF recognizes the importance of early cancer diagnosis and plans to launch “Early Cancer Detection Campaigns” on a regular basis. Early Cancer Detection Campaigns is just one of many initiatives promoted by EACF to increase awareness of cancer symptoms and the possibility of successful treatment.

7 July, 2016

Medical Education Summit

On the 7th of July, EACF in collaboration with EAFO will hold a Non-Communicable Diseases & Medical Education Summit. Among the participants of the events are doctors, politicians, policy makers, journalists, social workers, officials and celebrities. Speakers will present their reports on NCDs, challenges of health care in the 21st century and issues of education, training and research. The summit will continue with a charity event dedicated to cancer related problems and prospects for early cancer detection.


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